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Selling office furniture can be a nightmare. Even items in excellent condition sell for only a fraction of their original cost and having to deal with strangers answering an ad time and time again can be very time consuming and immensely frustrating. Sometimes it can even be dangerous as one never knows who will answer the ad. Safe-Rite can save customers this hassle and possible danger by purchasing used office furniture at a fair price. It only takes one phone call!

Another concern for home owners and office renters selling office furniture is removing the furniture without causing any damage to floors, walls, and doors. The experts at Safe-Rite are respectful of customer’s homes and offices, ensuring that no damage, minor or major, is done during pickup. Pickup is free and is the quickest and safest way of selling used office furniture.

Safe-Rite is always looking for quality like-new office furniture to resell to Memphis, TN customers. Even office furniture with a few nicks and scratches can be refinished, repaired, and resold like new at low prices. With over 30 years of experience in office furniture, the experts at Safe-Rite can make an older piece of furniture look and function like new again.

Safe-Rite provides free in-office or at-home quotes. When selling office furniture, just give them a call and they will come to any home or office in Memphis or the surrounding area to provide an offer. When the offer is accepted, Safe-Rite will carefully remove the furniture and transfer to their warehouse for complete restoration before reselling to their valuable clients.

To find out just how easy selling office furniture can really be, call Safe-Rite of Memphis, TN today!

New and Used:

• Desks starting at $50
• Chairs starting at $20
• File Cabinets starting at $30
• Conference Tales Starting at $150
• One Of A Kind furniture and accessories
• Storage Cabinets starting at $300
• Computer Desks Starting at $49
• Bookcases starting at $60

♦ Local Delivery & Installation
♦ $35 delivery charge in the Memphis area
♦ Serving an area within a 100 mile radius of Memphis
♦ Accepting Visa, MasterCard and Discover

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